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Building Inclusive Collections: Why Cultural Competence is Essential in Libraries

Building Inclusive Collections: Why Cultural Competence is Essential in Libraries

This multi-modal workshop will explore the role of cultural competence in library service for youth. A webinar with award-winning author and educator Mitali Perkins will be interspersed with discussion and guidance from MLS Consultant Christi Farrar. Participants will learn about the role librarians have in shaping community conversations about race and representation - how as gatekeepers of collections, libraries are in key positions to direct the narrative in their communities and why, therefore, librarians need a foundation of cultural competence. This workshop is appropriate for youth services librarians of all levels.

After attending this workshop you will:

* Be able to define cultural competence and explain its value to library services
* Identify at least two ways that library collections impact the narrative about race and culture in a community
* Create at least one goal for change in their collection development and programming with regard to their learning around cultural competence
* Be connected to a network of librarians working toward stronger cultural competence

This workshop is the first part of a two-part series on Building Inclusive Collections. Please consider registering for the afternoon session, "Building Inclusive Collections: How to Create a More Diverse Library Collection”.

This workshop supports the MLS Strategic Plan’s themes of Social Justice and Building a Strong MA Library Community.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm
Plymouth Public Library
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  ¬†Collection Development & Maintenance     ¬†Community     ¬†Youth Services  
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